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Desktop Aquarium

We can help you to setup a small aquarium that can be placed on your table,either at home or in the office, within minutes. It is a complete system (as shown below) with built-in AquaLight, biological filter & Venturi to maximize oxygen level, ie, very low maintenance.

Fish Tank: 30cm [12 ins] Length x 25cm [10 ins] Width x 40cm [16 ins] Height

Plants: Long-lasting-CO2-free aquatic plants

Freshwater Tropical Fish:
Neon / Cardinal Tetra-6, Golden Barb-2, Zebra Danio-2, Albino Catfish-2, Sunset / Red, Platy-4, Red Sucker-mouth Catfish-1.





Food: 2-months supply of high nutrition fish food, specially for small tropical fish

Cost: S$250 COD