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Janpanese Words for Koi Keeping *


What do these Japanese words mean?

Aka Red
Ato Sumi which is later to develop
Bongiri Koi with no Hi towards the tail
Bozu Too little Hi on the head giving a bald effect
Danmoyo Stepped pattern red markings
Doitsu Koi Large scales on the dorsal, otherwise unscaled
Ginrin Sparkling scales
Gosanke Three main types of koi, ie, Kohaku Sanke & Showa
Goshiki Five colour fish
Hi Red markings
Hi Showa Showa with continuous red markings
Inazuma Lightning pattern red markings
Ippon One red marking
Kage Showa A blurred reticulated sumi pattern over the white areas
Kanoko Showa Dappled Hi markings
Kasane Sumi Sumi on red skin


Dappled red markings


One sided red markings
Kindai Showa Modern Showa
Ki Utsuri Black fish with red markings
kiwa Clear sharp edges to markings
Kohaku White fish with red markings
Komoyo Small red markings
Koromo A reticulated sumi pattern on the individual scales
Koromo Showa Reticulated sumi markings on the red pattern
Kuchibeni Red pattern resembling lipstick
Maruten Having a seperate red spot marking on the head
Menkaburi Hi covering the whole head
Menuare The division of the head with Sumi
Motoguro Black at the base of the fins
Niddan 2 step red markings
Ogon Metalic single colour koi
Ojime A small white area before the Tail
Omoyo Large red markings
Sandan 3 step red markings
Shiro Bekko White fish with black markings
Shiro Utsuri Black fish with white markings
Showa Black fish with red and white markings
Sumi Black markings derived from the Japanese for Ink
Tancho Fish with only a single red marking on the head
Tsubo Sumi Sumi on white skin
Urishi Deep dense black having a lacquered appearance and sharply defined edges
Yamatonishiki Metallic Sanke
Yondan 4 step red markings