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If you are interested in buying show grade koi or constructing a koi pond. Contact me @


We are happy to welcome you as a customer of SingKoi. Whether you're a new customer , or you have purchased from us before, we want to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction. We prefer to speak with each customer on a one to one basis. By doing this you can be assured that all your questions will be answered more in depth and right away. This will also make the buying process more accurate.

Placing your order is a simple process. By simply sending us an email , indicating the reference number of the koi and your phone number, we will get in touch with you.

  • Viewing of the koi which are kept in the ponds in Singapore , is by appointment only. You can place your order after viewing.
  • A site meeting can be arranged, if you are interested in building a koi pond in Singapore.




Thank you