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Owner of many award winning Koi. A showcase of various types of Koi for your selection in Singapore. Here is where you can buy some of the most incredible koi you will ever see. Click here to view the photos of our koi.

Looking for certain unique koi ? We can hunt for you.

Pond Construction

There are many reasons to put a pond in the garden:

  • the enjoyment of colourful and graceful Koi and goldfish,
  • the sight and music of moving water,
  • the beauty and tranquility of flowering lilies and other aquatic plants,
  • the joy of viewing visiting wild birds and animals, bring nature to your home.

Need to construct a KOI pond?

We can help you to transform an ordinary looking garden into a water wonderland that you will be proud of. Our koi ponds are built with proven bio-filtration system which will ensure crystal clear water and low maintenance effort. Click here for details.